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Sensory Seat Pad - Blue

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Sensory Seat Pad - Blue

At 33cm in diameter the Sensory Seat Pad is excellent for children as well as adults.

This product is excellent for special needs children who lack sensory input or spatial awareness. The Sensory Seat can also be used as a calming agent for people with ADHD, low tone, or even simple lack of circulation.

The use of this seat can improve awareness and lessen hand fidgeting. Unlike other seat cushions, the Sensory Seat does not need to be inflated. When finished, simply roll up the cushion, attach the included velcro strap, and place the seat pad in a book bag, hand bag, brief case, etc.

The Sensory Seat Pad is being used in school systems, therapy clinics, and even at dinner tables across the country. Who knew sitting could be good for you?

Includes seat pad only. Seat Pad can be used on any standard stool, desk, or chair. Pad can also be used for a sensory floor pad to rest feet on.