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Chewy Tube® - Qs Twin Pack - Red Knobby - Stage 2 Teether

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Chewy Tubes

QS Twin Pack - Red Knobby - Stage 2 Teether

The Fun soothing mouth exerciser for babies 6-24 months. 

Knobby Q's make fun squeaky sounds babies love. These fun and flexible red letters that support the healthy development of biting and chewing skills.

These entertaining letters offer an ideal knobby surface for developing gums and sprouting teeth to practice biting and chewing skills.

  • Unique chewy texture soothes baby's new gums
  • Develops biting skills safely and naturally!
  • Encourages graded jaw motion for feeding and speech skills
  • Stem of Q encourages side chewing
  • Leaves mouth open for breathing and sound play
  • Wash with mild soap and water

Using Qs for teething leaves the mouth open for breathing and sound play! Knobby Qs are made in Maine USA and like all Chewy Tubes brand products, are free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates. They are easily grasped by little fingers.

Adult supervision required.

  • Chewy Tubes are non-toxic, latex free, lead free and are non flavoured
  • Intended for individual use, with adult supervision
  • Can be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Made in USA
  • Oral Motor Device

Product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear.

Each Q letter is approximately 7.62cm in diameter and 1.27cm thick.