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Chewy Q - Baby Teether (STAGE 1) Smooth Orange - Chewy Tubes

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Chewy Tubes

Chewy Q - Baby Teether (STAGE 1) - Chewy Tubes

Babies love Chewy Qs!

Introduce babies to their first mouthing and teething experiences with a Chewy Q, the innovative flexible and soothing first teether from Chewy Tubes. The smooth chewing surface of this stage 1 teether is perfect for baby’s new gums. Chewy Qs leave the mouth open for breathing and sound play.

Chewy Qs are easily grasped by little fingers. Chewy Qs are made in Maine and like all Chewy Tubes brand products, Chewy Qs are free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Each Chewy Q is approximately 3” in diameter and ½” thick.