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SID The Sea Turtle - Sensory Intensive Development

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SID is short for Sensory Intensive Development.

Sid the sea turtle is a cuddly companion that allows the bearing of weight and use of weighted product for lifting and increasing muscle tone and strength.

  • Instantly calming, and builds muscle tone
  • Washable
  • Excellent quality for home or clinical use
  • Reviewed, approved, and used by therapists all over the world
  • Perfect for the child who thinks standard lap pads are boring

He can also be used as you would a lap pad with the added benefit of being desirable to children.

The varied shapes and sizes allow for weight to be distributed where it is needed and for children of all ages and sizes. Sid weighs in at just under 2kg and is a huge 45cm in circumference.

Ages 3 and up unless directly supervised by adult. Hand wash with warm water when needed.